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@maloki @GinnyMcQueen i retweeted it, just wanted to make sure you knew about the possibility of unwanted consequences before doing so.

@maloki @GinnyMcQueen good luck, hope you don't get too many pepe the frog memes shoved in your face :P

making decent progress on building an initial prototype of heka!


@maloki @GinnyMcQueen are you sure this tweet is a good idea though from a safety POV? seems to me that supporting ginny on twitter is going to bring you the same targeted harrassment that the nazis give to ginny directly?

@press5 thanks to the power of matrix, it all goes to the same place now.

@press5 alternatively: kaniini on freeload... err i mean freenode

@press5 realtime in what way? i'm always available on IRC or Matrix, for example.

@Laurelai @maloki @Damage paypal debit cards are US and Canada only AFAIK.


also, from what i know, you went and hustled people for a job until you got one. that's the thing i really don't get about some of these people on the internet -- they ask for money yet don't really show any evidence that they are trying to correct the situation that got them asking for money to begin with.

with others, it makes more sense -- people like Ginny can't work because if they work somewhere, they will just get fired because of trolling. i get that.

"Ubuntu Core is smaller than competing “micro” container OS offerings."

and yet is 3 times smaller than ubuntu core. lols.

plus the tool in question is similar in philosophy to ubuntu's "juju" and "charms", which kind of validates the whole concept in some way.

i'm really digging the name "heka" for an alpine-oriented configuration management system.

"heka" refers to the ancient egyptian "unholy magic."

configuration generators can exist in a "grimoire" to continue with the nomenclature.

@schestowitz i don't agree. right now it is a battle to negotiate introducing an alternative audio backend than pulseaudio, for example.

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@schestowitz maybe they should use secure by default distributions like alpine which was designed for IoT from day one instead :p

@raptoreng but will i be able to actually buy one this time?

@SarcasmKid zelda was always female, unless you mean link

@chr @USBhump @rachel one of the charybdis developers is indeed working on a variant of matrix that does have proper ACLs as a research project