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Allegedly, I have been removed from their list that I never consented to being added to in the first place though.

So, there's that.

I asked what the DSCC wanted, and they want to influence the democratic primary.

Because of course they want to demonstrate the system is rigged.

DSCC called once again, this time at 6:35 AM.

They really are like debt collectors.

would there be any interest in a program which proxies 802.1x auth packets?

i am writing one so i can replace my ISP's crummy router with one of my own choosing

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bad news everyone: your purely functional and capability-safe program is running on top of a side effect'y stateful world

the correct way to solve this problem is to generate new single use self-contained purely functional universes and do message passing between them, and corrupt the fabric of time between the message passing substrate in such a way that timing and other such side channel attacks are not possible

[Xen-devel] [PATCH 6/9] drm/xen-front: Introduce DRM/KMS virtual display driver

Yes, this is what Xen needed.

already 3 phone calls this morning from the DSCC and DCCC.

they didn't understand my comparison of them to debt collectors.

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neat tricks here: the DSCC usually spoofs their numbers, so the phone-network facing devices get the real phone number based on SS7 headers instead, this then gets checked against various databases, etc.

so the caller ID gets fixed up and also the CNAM winds up being set to "Political Call."

also clearly the machine learning gets smarter, ironically based on some of the methods that dronebl used to use

the fundamental takeaway here is that if we make schools actually a pleasant place to be with a well-rounded, academic and empathetic education, then those schools will for the most part, not have bullying or any other precursor to school violence

what will solve school violence is fundamentally shifting education to counteract the toxicity of WASP culture

as i have said before: education needs to be about challenging beliefs, teaching empathy and compassion, teaching responsibility for one's place in the world and finally teaching respect for one's peers

various primary education formats already exist that do this, look at the immersive native schools, waldorf schools, etc.

school violence does not exist in those places

seriously: if there is ever a school shooting at a native school or a waldorf school, i will eat a hat

"oh we will make pipe bombs illegal"

they're already illegal

will "pipe bomb control" solve school violence?

what solves school violence is to sit down and actually understand the problem, only then can actual solutions be made

but politicians of all kinds rather use tragic events to push marginally-related policy instead

when somebody pushes gun control as the solution to school violence, ask them how gun control will stop the student from making a pipe bomb and bringing it to school instead

in other words, i am tired of hearing the typical liberal line about gun control

i want to hear actual proposals about reducing school violence

common-sense gun control measures are a tangential issue

i do support some forms of gun control, but do not support school violence being used as a catalyst for pushing gun control because it will not solve school violence

this unfortunately is a much harder problem to solve, because it requires many things:

1) increasing funding to schools and universal healthcare

2) using some of said funding to provide mental health support services

3) conflict de-escalation training for all staff

4) doing a 180 on these zero-tolerance policies and giving kids criminal records etc. (all this does is remove trust in school staff to help with their problems)

if problems are found and mitigated early, then school violence will, for the most part, solve itself.

as such, the solution to solving school violence is to actually solve school violence

as a reminder, all of the gun control in the world won't solve the fact that you can look up how to make a pipe bomb online

oh great the Democrats are spamming me again with messages about getting rid of all guns instead of actually solving school violence