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v2.1 of #Mastodon will have a "moderator" role with less permissions than the "admin" role that's currently present. It will also start logging all moderator/admin actions in an audit log!

In so far as APIs are concerned, it will also have lists (sort people you are following into different columns), I am still working on the UI for editing those though.

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things I did today for the first time:
* make soup
* use a safety can opener
* get really angry at a safety can opener and nearly destroy my kitchen with a can that went flying

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Any regulations to prohibit such throttling need careful drafting, and a regulatory body that isn't bought and sold by industry.

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The only time traffic shaping is a problem is when ISP's begin throttling competitors for no reason. But drafting regulations for this can result in unintended consequences.

And the FCC's rules were very vague and basically used as a weapon by Netflix against ISP's... even though Netflix afaict has a history of trying to get peering deals when the reality is they should be buying transit because no peering deal with Netflix can be equitable.

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Which btw, the FCC allowed for traffic shaping under the net neutrality rules. So, they don't even do what a lot of faux woke Ars Technica assholes think.

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Traffic management and prioritisation are good network practises, not cardinal sins. They are also only adjacent to what net neutrality is about.

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How I think your average Ars Technica idiot thinks net neutrality works is "my torrents can just go line speed and also and also I don't get bandwidth caps" and that is not what net neutrality means at all, actually.

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There's so much misunderstanding around how net neutrality works, and every argument I've seen to try to explain it to laypeople boils down to either "lies to children" style explanations, or outright fabrications.

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Ignorance of how the Internet actually works is widespread. A lot of people (leftists, but even normal people) think it's just this magical thing you just shove packets into and you get packets back. This is not how it works at all. It is mostly made up of quid pro quo deals, whether it be roughly equal exchanges of traffic (peering), or you pay for it (transit).

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No one wants to discuss how things like peering, transit, laying fibre, etc. work. Or how the Internet is presently /powered/ by what is essentially unregulated Capitalism, for better or for worse, and how a "free pipe" basically *does not exist* and *someone* is always paying for transit.

Because that's not fun.

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Sigh, the enormous amount of misunderstanding of how the Internet works is astounding, even amongst people who should know better.

I wonder what the "white guilt" crowd makes of Allergan trying to rent sovereign immunity protection for their patents.

If you read what those "white guilt" people have to say, then you would assume that indigenous people have special needs and need coddling.

That indigenous people lack access to education (no more than white people), that indigenous people lack the ability to make money (again: no more than white people).

It is important to note that the people who stay on the reservation and try to preserve the historical ways are doing so by choice, and mostly could leave at any time. In fact, many youth who grow up on the various reservations do in fact wind up moving to the city.

I love when people whose avatars basically demonstrate that they are definitely not indigenous try to explain to me that I, as an indigenous person have no clue what I am talking about, especially when correcting their vitriolic and absurd messages because they're actually harmful to the cause.

Can somebody remind me why I unblocked anticapitalist.party?

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Sadly, if your order of events is correct, what Netflix did is worse than just being dishonest about it—they set the stage for the actual fast/slow lane movement.

And I think your order of events is correct.

Netflix wanted a free lunch. But now we're stuck fighting against the nightmare picture they painted as a ploy to get that free lunch.

goes both ways.

Yes, absolutely, no blocking, throttling or paid prioritization.

But also it means that video services such as Netflix shouldn't get a free pass, which is largely what the Obama "net neutrality" regulations were actually about -- forcing settlement-free peering with Netflix.

Netflix should have to pay for their network access too. We pay to send requests to Netflix, they pay to send video back to us. It's how Internet billing works.

And here I am in the jack in the box drive thru watching two idiots smoke cigarettes right next to the natural gas line.

a variant could also be trivially made that causes the visibility attribute to mutate after exactly one boost

i ask because in mastodon hardened it would only be a few lines of code